What is speed dating?

At most speed-dating events, a score card and pen will be handed to each of the daters. On this score card, participants choose either a "YES" or "NO" for each date if they are attracted and would like to see them again. The ladies stay sat down meanwhile the men every 2 minutes mover from date to date. You may score a date on appearance, conversation and even any kind of immediate spark or attraction that you feel toward your date. Just make sure to write down the name and the number of everyone you see to keep your thoughts organized.

After the event, we will compile the information from everyone's score cards to determine who matches up. If two people mutually wrote “YES,” then that's a match (odds are you'll have one or more matches). You'll receive a private e-mail and/or a text within 24 hours days of the event listing the first names and e-mail addresses or phone numbers of the people you matched with. From there, it's up to you to contact one another to learn more about each other and set up another date.

Why go to a speed dating event?

Sometimes people need a little convincing about the benefits of speed dating over online dating or even waiting for that special person to come to you. Here are ten reasons why you should be speed dating if you're serious about meeting somebody.

10) To avoid hours of wasted effort, embarrassing knockbacks and offending other halves - Downing drink after drink before finally plucking up the courage to speak to your intended paramour before being bluntly told they're not interested, being publicly humiliated by their friends, your friends, or both, or chatting happily for ten minutes until their other half turns up is no ones idea of a fun night out.

9) Practice - First impressions are essential. Speed dating is basically a series of first impression sessions. Should you go out after a speed dating event, you will find it significantly easier to approach people and your first five minutes have been honed to, if not perfection, a point of significant improvement over what came before.

8) Many cities/town are cliquey - People tend to go out in groups. Group dynamics are very difficult to assess - it requires a particular type of personality to front up to a group of strangers as a complete outsider. Try going into a bar on your own for an entire evening and tell me you don't think people consider you a bit of a weirdo.

7) To avoid the sad, lonely and desperate - This may sound counter-intuitive but those who make the effort to go speed dating tend to be those who are confident, friendly and ready to meet people. The socially dysfunctional are highly unlikely to give a thumbs up to walking into a room of 30 strangers before being 'forced' to talk to each for four minutes. Even if you do find someone who really isn't your type, it's only two minutes.

6) You'll expand your horizons - It's amazing the number of people attending speed dating events who say how attracted they were to someone they would never normally consider. Speed dating is the perfect antidote to our own inbuilt prejudices that may just be preventing us from being, dare I say, happy?

5) Because you're a social pioneer - It's amazing the number of people who, after attending a speed-dating event, will turn up a few weeks or months later with a bunch of friends who had previously mocked their decision to go speed dating. When you've been once it's easy to persuade others.

4) It's safer than online dating - Meeting up with a stranger who you only know by their online profile has its obvious risks. Speed dating allows you to meet people face to face and assess their suitability before committing to anything more serious. And the post-event matching service allows you to keep your privacy even from the most ardent of admirers. In other words, you meet a whole bunch of people and then choose only the people you feel safe and connected with.

3) You may actually meet the one - Despite the general atmosphere being one of relaxed fun, people really do go on to form relationships from Speed Dating, whether it's short term dating or something more substantial.

2) It's a really fun night out - Seriously. Get a few friends together and have a laugh. It beats sitting in the same pub or bar talking about the same things you did last week, drinking the same drinks and waking up with the same hangover. And if you do come speed dating on your own - guys in particular will often attend their first event alone - you're chatting to a whole bunch of people, and not just for two minutes.

1) Um… You know everyone is single? It sounds obvious but where else in the city is this guaranteed?

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